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Tamy's Spirits It is ・・ to you with a taste having just finished making. We are aware of a mission of the food production and we observe laws and ordinances of the security and hygiene in all processes and environment. We aim at the valuable products and making of company.
Liquid Seasoning (sauce, roux, soup, dressing, various gravy sauce) Production and sales. We dedicate to Handmade Delicious Taste and to pursuit of The Relief of the Meal for satisfaction of customers and business partners.

Good Taste is domestic taste.

We believe the True Good Taste is natural and well - made taste you can enjoy every day.

President Representative Director
Yoshitaka Nakajima

Product Results

Our mission is to provide a taste of natural and delicate by investigating particular skill and the ingredients of the professional cook.

Company Profile

We are aware of the food production mission, observing laws & ordinances of the "security" and "hygiene" in all processes and environment.

Tamy's Spirits

We perform product development in correspondence with liquid seasoning (sauce), cooking side dish, various product supply.

Tamy Foods Corporation

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