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Our mission is to provide a taste of natural and delicate by investigating particular skill and the ingredients of the professional cook. We keep the development of the product which are kind to a body by seeking particular about ingredients of nature for securing of security, relief of the product in mind and produce high quality products in the hygiene excellence authorization facilities which raise the hygiene consciousness of the employee by hygiene education, and are based on HACCP of the prefecture official recognition.

» Tamy is authorized by "Saitama food hygiene self-government excellence facilities".

Sauce of the Fry-Up
  • Sauce of Hoikoro
  • Sauce of Pork fried with ginger
  • Prawns in chili sauce
  • Mabo source
  • Grilled meat sauce
  • Stir-fried vegetables mix
Pasta sauce
  • Pasta sauce (tomato)
  • Sauce for Blue Crab pasta
  • Bolognese sauce
  • Genoa sauce
  • Vongole sauce
  • Cream sauce for the pasta
Curry, Rice with Hashed Beef
  • Curry
  • Curried Pilaf
  • Beef Stew
  • Healthy Curry with onion
  • Rice with Hashed Beef sauce
Pan sauce
  • Sauce for Kimuchi Pot
  • Sauce for Curry Pot
  • Sauce for Miso Pot
  • Motsunabe (Giblets cooked in a hot pot)
  • Chowder sauce
  • Cream soup
  • Minestrone
  • Consomme with bean
  • Collagen tomato soup
  • Pumpkin cream soup
  • Onion Consomme
  • Japanese-style Radish ground soup
  • Korean Chige soup
  • Fermented black beans dressing
  • Orange peel dressing
  • Citron dressing
  • Basil & Tomato dressing
  • Yogurt dressing
  • Carrot dressing
  • Onion dressing
All-Purpose Seasoning (Natural Stock)
  • Japanese-style basic seasoning (soy sauce)
  • Japanese-style basic seasoning (miso)
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