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Tamy's Spirits

The development know-how of establishment of a business 40 years

Genuine taste by cooking with the open pot
We produce the professional taste and feeling of domestic handicraft by taking enough time and efforts, confirming the dish simmered.
Reproduce the taste of each location of the whole country
We supply local raw materials from each place of the whole country and reproduce taste of hometown that climate of each place produced. We cope with a wide range of Japanese, Western, Chinese and Korean menu.
Abundant Recipe
Great results are achieved with miso-based sauce and soy-based sauce, and this makes possible to recommend the most appropriate products to satisfy the customers’ needs.
Analysis, Reproduction of the taste
We cope with the development for trial product from a recipe, products with a certain image, products with appropriate price.

Flexible Customized Production

Small Lot Correspondence
Product production is possible from 120 kg of minimum lot, this enables the shortening of the delivery date, reduction of stock expenses and stock risk.
Individually Packing Service
According to the number of the meals, use capacity, effective sale to duties form is possible. (100g - 1,200g)
Various Processing of Vegetables
In addition to cutting processing, frying and steaming processing, variety of source, dressing, jam and jelly are offered.
Correspondence to Three Temperate Zone
Depending on the characteristic of the product, normal temperature (dry), refrigeration (tilde) and frozen production is possible.

Dignity of continuing trading with many customers over many years

Development and offer of the PB product
We satisfy the customers’ demand for the taste with most appropriate samples quickly.
Hygiene Management of the Product
With production in the facility in conformity with HACCP, we carry out quality, a hygiene check each of all fair products lot by the Quality Control Department.
Speedy National Delivery Service
We give top priority to security and transportation quality and deliver the product to the whole country. In addition, we provide speedy delivery to meet request delivery date.
Talented Person Education
With a definite aim, we raise ourselves happily and brightly and always aim at becoming the valuable group that can socially contribute through "a meal".
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